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MTGT consultancy

If you recognise that successful change relies on insightful leadership, paying attention to wellbeing and building value-led relationships at work, we would love to talk to you. Take a look at ‘Why MTGT’ to see our value-led approach to working with you in partnership by:

  • creating learning communities;
  • encouraging engagement and participation; and
  • working towards change through dialogue and conversation.

We are able to tailor any of our courses, residentials and retreats to meet your requirements or offer a bespoke service to:

  • Create plans and organise courses for leadership and team development.
  • Cultivate responses to conflict, stress, burnout and lack of motivation.
  • Encourage organisational trust and fairness.
  • Reinvigorate working relationships and learning communities at work.
  • Listen to the employee voice, make inclusive decisions, re-start important conversations.

We have worked with many organisations on a range of initiatives; take a look at ‘Our Fans’ page for the view of others on how we work and what we achieve. Our first meeting with you to discuss the issues that concern you will always be free of charge.

Here are just some of the areas of work where we can help you:

  • Value- led change at work
  • Derailment and the dark side of leadership
  • Growing trust at work
  • Working with conflict
  • Social leadership and learning communities
  • Leadership, empowerment and diversity
  • Personality at work
  • Burnout and conserving resources
  • Personal resilience at work including mindfulness and ACT
  • Work life balance and leisure-time recovery
  • Managing and supervising individuals and teams
  • The psychological contract
  • Organisational development and culture
  • Human resource development
  • Power and political behaviour
  • Coaching and mentoring in the workplace
  • Reflective practice
  • Training design and delivery.

We also recognise that some organisations who most need our services often struggle to access them. We are therefore committed to spending a percentage of our time working with organisations whose mission is the development and support of local young people and communities.


Coming soon! The MTGT Personal Resilience Training For Leaders’ course, the  MTGT Reducing Conflict, Growing Trust residential and our magnificent MTGT Employee Wellbeing retreat in a  vineyard in the South of France will provide you and your organisation with vital tools to ‘mind the gap’ in your working lives.


Our highly qualified coaches can offer you can help you individually with your leadership, wellbeing and relationships at work or develop a bespoke in-house coaching programme for you and your organisation.