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We are qualified and experienced in the fields of organisational psychology, coaching and mentoring and community learning and development. But more importantly, we are value-led, looking to create learning communities, encourage engagement and participation and work towards change through dialogue and conversation wherever we work.

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We want to encourage you to devote time to ‘minding the gap’ in your working lives. Our courses, consultancy and coaching will help and challenge you build learning communities, make successful changes and have conversations about the things that really matter at work.

Several words come to mind when thinking about Jeff Salter; insight, compassion, measured, knowledgeable, authoritative, considered and considerate come to mind, but two dominate. Firstly, humility; after decades as a professional, he still recognises that we can, and should, learn from others and the art of facilitation is to draw this innate knowledge out of people. The other word is integrity. You can rely on him approaching anything he does with complete integrity as he would not engage with a project unless he felt it was worth engaging with and doing his best by.

Dr Mike Seal, Reader in Critical Pedagogy, Newman University

I have known Tina since she joined the Doctoral programme in Coaching and Mentoring at Oxford Brookes University. Tina is fantastic to work with, organised and inspiring, and always able to bring fresh perspective to arguments and issues. Tina’s approach to work is first class as she plans effectively and always works to deadlines. Her research skills show she is an excellent researcher as well as a highly competent manager who has a wide knowledge of coaching and mentoring across different contexts. It was a pleasure to write with Tina as she articulates her ideas very clearly and persuasively.

Dr Judie Gannon, Senior Lecturer, International Centre Coaching & Mentoring Studies – Business School, Oxford Brookes University

Jeff has a demonstrated ability to assess need within the field of leadership and organisational relationships and then initiate, conduct and evaluate qualitative research in such areas. From my experience working with him, I can say he has strengths in writing about trust and dark side leadership. He is able to get under the skin of such issues and works with integrity and honesty within such sensitive organisational areas. His working style is collaborative, open and questioning and is a pleasure to work with.

Professor Ruth Sealy, Associate Professor in Organisation Studies, Co-Director Centre for Leadership Studies, University of Exeter Business School

Jeff Salter is a manager and leader of substance. He is a relational practitioner, subtle influencer and engineer of change. Jeff has a firm grip on the process of personal, psychological and organisational transformation. He uses this knowledge and experience to deliver effective and sustainable results. Jeff has a knack of making the uncomfortable and disruptive feel calm and manageable.

Cllr Alistair Hunter, Fife Council, CEO Digital LInk.

I've worked with Amy for a number of years and have always been amazed and inspired by her work ethic and dedication to the fields of wellbeing, coaching and indeed any role she takes on. Her willingness to learn and attention to detail is exemplary and this shows in the outstanding work I've seen her produce both professionally and in her education.  It is always a pleasure working with Amy, she is completely trustworthy and will always go above what is expected of her.

Becky Reffold, HR Co-ordinator, Reassured Ltd

I had the pleasure to work with Tina as a doctoral researcher in Coaching and Mentoring. She has always been able to bridge the gap between theory and practice, combining her vast experience of helping individuals and organisations with a clear understanding of the underlying theories that govern performance and growth. Personally, Tina is one of the most approachable people I have worked with. I continue to enjoy her friendship and rich discussions we would have from time to time.

Dr Hany Shoukry, Director of Strategy, Delivery and Performance, Sky Broadcasting

Jeff has played a pivotal role in my professional formation. His integrity and clarity of mind is inspirational. When faced with complex challenges, Jeff is always able to provide a safe pair of hands. He is extremely wise whilst maintaining total commitment to the wellbeing of all around him.  Jeff is my ‘go to’ expert on all areas of management practice, in particular reflective leadership and management, and organisational psychology. I am privileged to call Jeff a colleague and would wholeheartedly recommend his services as a management consultant.

Simon Frost, Head of Department, Higher Education Programmes, YMCA George Williams College.

Jeff is a role model; he has honesty and integrity, gets quickly to the heart of an issue, is caring and wise; and he does what he says he is going to do. Jeff is trusted and inspirational.

Howard Nurden, Head of Children and Young People’s Work for the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers in Britain)

Jeff worked over a prolonged period supporting complex issues for students, managers and funders alike culminating in the establishment of a highly successful national leadership and education programme. Our work focused fundamentally on establishing trust and authenticity in relationships between individuals, agencies and communities over a 5 year period and beyond and here, Jeff’s measured guidance and facilitation was a crucial factor in its success.

Chris Dunning, UK Director, Youth Work, The Rank Foundation (retired)

Jeff has a unique combination of confidence and humility that means he is able to see the strengths and roles of others and encourage them to work to these and beyond without the need to put himself in the limelight.

Dr Naomi Thompson, Lecturer in Youth and Community Work, Goldsmiths, University of London

I found the coaching and mentoring given by Amy to be very insightful. She has helped me focus on my goals with time management skills and objective breakdowns. I have been able to apply for a course with the coaching she has given me and this has given me more confidence in pursuing my chosen career. The objective breakdowns have helped me in my ongoing projects and I feel that without Amy’s coaching I would have tried to take on too much at once. The ability to talk through each issue and see how it can be accomplished separately was a great help.

Michael Day, I.T Support, Reassured Ltd

Jeff is a highly skilled, thoughtful, democratic and fair leader and manager. Having been managed by Jeff, I have seen him deal with highly challenging and complex situations with calm, reassurance, and a commitment to finding the best possible outcomes, through a process of careful listening to everybody's views and thinking deeply about what is right. He is also reliable, efficient and diligent. For Jeff, person-centred and critically reflective leadership are not empty words or tokenism; they are based on a deep and authentic ethical commitment.

Tania de St Croix, Lecturer in Sociology of Youth and Childhood, King's College London, Youth Worker and founder member, Voice of Youth

Jeff is a very clear thinker, keeps people and tasks on track and pays attention to detail. He also has a high level of commitment, integrity and professionalism linked to a keen sense of humour.

Allen McKay, Managing Director, Citizen Communication Ltd.

Jeff has an eye on the big picture as well as the details and as a leader, is clear about what is required and expects (trusts) that colleagues will come up with the goods, which is motivational. He is respectful of other views, principled, a good communicator and possesses an ability to make individuals feel that they are a valued member of the team. Because I knew where I stood with Jeff, I always felt that he 'had my back' and because of this, I am more confident to challenge and take appropriate risks in my work.

Judith Skinner, Head of Department, FE Programmes and Apprenticeships, YMCA George Williams College.

We have enjoyed a consistent and fruitful working relationship with Jeff who supported the content development of our conferences, events and publications. Jeff has a collaborative style, is productive and an excellent facilitator. Jeff is credible, gets the job done and working with him is straightforward and positive.

Kai Wooder, Director of Enterprise, The Rank Foundation

I had numerous conversations with Jeff, all of which were inspiring. He made my interview much easier than I had anticipated and I came away with more belief in myself than I thought possible. I have no doubt that my whole degree experience was enhanced due to his input.

Lori Hannah, Student and Youth Worker, Oban Youth Cafe Project

Clearly behind that gormless exterior lies a brain of extraordinary sharpness and intelligence.

Barry Burke, former colleague of Jeff’s

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