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MTGT courses

We offer day courses, residentials or retreats in a range of unique venues. To create learning communities and encourage participation and conversation, we believe you need time to be together. We want to encourage you to devote time to ‘minding the gap’ in your lives, whether that is at work or at home. We will work with you both before and after our programmes to encourage preparation for and reflection on what you are learning beyond your initial experience.

MTGT Consultancy

If you recognise that successful change relies on insightful leadership, paying attention to wellbeing and building value-led relationships at work, we would love to talk to you. Take a look at ‘Why MTGT’ to see our value-led approach to working with you in partnership by:

  • creating learning communities;
  • encouraging engagement and participation; and
  • working towards change through dialogue and conversation.

We are able to tailor any of our courses, residentials and retreats to meet your requirements or offer a bespoke service to:

  • Create plans and organise courses for leadership and team development.
  • Cultivate responses to conflict, stress, burnout and lack of motivation.
  • Encourage organisational trust and fairness.
  • Reinvigorate working relationships and learning communities at work.
  • Listen to the employee voice, make inclusive decisions, re-start important conversations.
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MTGT Coaching

As part of our aim to support the development of leaders, wellbeing and relationships at work, MTGT has the expertise to offer external coaching for you or support your organisations to think about how coaching and coaching skills can be used internally through the design of a bespoke in-house coaching programme. MTGT can also provide coach training for organisations seeking to build a ‘coaching culture’.

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Our people

We are qualified and experienced in the fields of organisational psychology, coaching and mentoring and community learning and development. But more importantly, we are value-led, looking to create learning communities, encourage engagement and participation and work towards change through dialogue and conversation wherever we work.


Leadership, wellbeing and relationships at work have been tested as never before. Read about why this is and what MTGT can do to help you and your organisation.