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MTGT coaching

As part of our aim to support the development of leaders, wellbeing and relationships at work, MTGT has the expertise to offer external coaching for you or support your organisations to think about how coaching and coaching skills can be used internally through the design of a bespoke in-house coaching programme. MTGT can also provide coach training for organisations seeking to build a ‘coaching culture’.

MTGT Coaching for Individuals

MTGT has a team of highly trained coaches who can help provide support for you to better cope with issues such as:

  • stress or workplace demands and challenges;
  • managing change;
  • developing into new areas of responsibility;
  • managing teams effectively;
  • developing resilience;
  • applying emotional intelligence;
  • working in a value-led way.

Coaching sessions usually take place monthly or fortnightly for 6 sessions or longer if needed. Coaches will work with you to identify the purpose of the coaching and assessments and evaluation tools will be used to capture progress.

All coaches use the ACT model which underpins the approach used with you in coaching sessions. ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) works on the principle that individuals who can cultivate more awareness of self and others can articulate and lead value-led lives, are often more resilient, effective and satisfied. Coaching can therefore be used as a tool to talk about values, mindfulness and encourage the practice of value-led living.

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MTGT Coaching Consultancy

MTGT is committed to helping organisations develop their own coaching strategy and can provide consultancy and training to develop bespoke in-house schemes. This will involve assessing how one-to- one support is currently used internally and how this fits with strategic and developmental needs. MTGT coaching consultants will work with you to design an appropriate coaching programme which trains and equips appropriate employees to be able to offer in-house coaching, including training and materials which covers:

  • assessing the client’s readiness for coaching;
  • setting up a referral process and assessing needs;
  • matching coach to client;
  • setting boundaries;
  • using ACT as a model for coaching interventions;
  • assessing progress;
  • evaluating effectiveness of the coaching programme overall;
  • providing support and supervision for coaches;
  • using group supervision to develop and refine the scheme

MTGT can also offer evaluative support for organisational coaching programmes to help identify where achievements have been made, what might be improved and the overall general impact of the coaching interventions.

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MTGT ‘Coaching Culture’ Training

Coaching techniques can also help provide you with a set of interpersonal skills which can be used within the line management relationship. This can help create a ‘coaching culture’ across your organisation. It may therefore be appropriate for MTGT to provide coaching training days which encourages you to consider ways in which you might use coaching skills in your day-to- day working relationships. We would love to help support this if your organisation wants to develop a ‘coaching culture’.

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Coming soon! The MTGT Personal Resilience Training For Leaders’ course, the  MTGT Reducing Conflict, Growing Trust residential and our magnificent MTGT Employee Wellbeing retreat in a  vineyard in the South of France will provide you and your organisation with vital tools to ‘mind the gap’ in your working lives.


If you recognise that successful change relies on insightful leadership, paying attention to wellbeing and building value-led relationships at work, we would love to talk to you.