Meet the MTGT team

Jeff Salter

Founding Director

Hi, I’m Jeff. I’ve created Mind The Gap Transformations for three reasons. Firstly, I spent 30 years as an educator and manager gaining some invaluable experience in what makes places terrific or unbearable to work in. (by the way, it’s usually the people). I think I have something to offer in sharing those insights. Secondly, a perfect storm of work pressure, ill health, bereavement and frustration got me thinking enough about life and work to doing something about it. So I intend to help as many people as I can ‘mind the gap’ in their lives, and form communities that want to help each other. Thirdly, work should be enjoyable, meaningful, hopeful and life-enhancing as well as achieving. I aspire to make that kind of contribution.

I have qualifications including an MSc (Distinction) in Organisational Psychology, a further Masters in Human Resource Development and a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification from England Athletics. I have extensive experience in teaching, training, facilitating, leading and managing in a range of educational, charity and government organisations, and have worked as a chicken shed controller to CEO. I also run, bake, run, travel, run and spend loads of time with my family and friends.


Dr Tina Salter


Hi, I’m Tina. I head up the coaching and mentoring offer for Mind the Gap Transformations. I love working in teams and groups, but there is something unique about seeing people change and grow through one-to- one interactions. A coaching or mentoring relationship can be hugely powerful when the clients’ needs and aspirations are the focus of reflection and discussion and these transformations are the aim of my work. Working for many years in Informal Education and as a Higher Education manager and academic has informed my approach to establishing ‘coaching cultures’ where people at all levels of organisational life commit to learning from each other. I also love seeing how these interactions positively impact other areas of employees’ lives.

I have a Masters and Doctorate in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University’s Business School and I have also managed programmes and teams across the charity sector. I love spending time with family and friends and going on long walks in the Bedfordshire countryside.

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