Workplaces are tough. If you’re lucky, you meet exceptional people, make progress, reach fulfilment and connect to your true purpose. Or…you don’t. All too often, you can lose inspiration and motivation. Feel anxious. Exhausted. Isolated. Why are you doing this work? Does it have meaning for you? What can you do about it? Old certainties disappear and gaps open up where none existed before. But we believe that these gaps can be precious opportunities to take stock before you decide what to do next, both professionally and personally. Mind The Gap Transformations (MTGT) will help you to recognise and respond to these challenges.

When the call for work to be more meaningful becomes too loud, you sometimes require the support of others so you can ‘mind the gap’ successfully. Our experience and research tells us that how you lead and how you are led, how you look after yourself and others at work and how you connect with your working communities and networks changes the workplace and the people within them.

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What we offer

Mind The Gap Transformations offers courses, consultancy and coaching in the fields of leadership, wellbeing, relationships at work and now the world of running and exercise. Everything we do:

  • builds a supportive learning community around you;
  • places your experiences centrally; and
  • offers best research-led practice from the fields of organisational psychology, community learning and development, coaching and mentoring and the psychology and practice of running.

Our mission is to create environments and communities where you can learn, lead, nurture and challenge each other to ‘mind the gap’ successfully at work and in your lives.

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Our view

This is where we write about why Mind The Gap Transformations matters to us. You’ll find lots of value-led, participatory, community-creating stuff about leadership, wellbeing and relationships at work here.